Saturday, August 25, 2007

Donate Your Car inSeattle, Washington

It is easy to donate a car in seattle, Washington. Donating a car in Seattle, Washington to support Global Poverty Action (GPA} is a great way to provide for the World's poorest people in fostering their education, sanitation and medical services.

The Global Poverty Action isw currently working on a project: "The Hardship Zone" which is focussed on Eastern Africa - Ethiopia and Northeastern Kenya, to ensure food security, economic development, medical services and education.

If you donate your car to GPA in Seattle, Washington you are taking a great step to changing the lives of the residents of "The Hardship Zone"


Monday, August 20, 2007

Car Donations To Help Others

There are many places you can call that will gladly take your old and/or used car off your hands. There are many charitable organizations that use car donation to help fill their charity?s coffers and also fix used cars for families in need that can use a car to help get children to school and go to places where they will get a better deal on groceries.

You can help many different charitable organizations by a car donation. If you know or love someone who has cancer, then you can make a car donation to a specific cancer organization, or you can contact the American Cancer Society, who will be more than glad to take that car you are looking to get rid of off of your hands.

There are many other organizations that will be glad to have any car they can get their hands on. Many charities use the car donation for helping and aiding others less fortunate than ourselves and doing your part by making car donation can help many more people than you realize.

When you decide to do a car donation you can feel good that you are doing something to help others and in some cases you can also get a tax write-off for car donation. You can find many sites on the internet that are dedicated to connecting people who are looking to get rid of old cars and those organizations that can definitely use such a wondrous gift.

A car donation can allow the person giving it to feel good about themselves. Many times all it takes is something like car donation to give an organization or group that boost that it has been looking for so that the charity for car donation can keep on going.

Making sure that you give your car to car donation is a great way for your family to see that giving to others is an important part of being part of a community and helping those who are less fortunate. Nothing feels better inside than helping others who need help and making car donation to any charity you are excited about can do that.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Making Car Donation to Charity

A car donation involves donating a used vehicle to a charity organization. Charity is extended in many forms such as clothes, furniture and even cars. Cars are donated to the recipients directly or they are sold, and the money is given away in charity. Many people prefer to donate used cars to help society.

These non-profit making organizations aim at serving injured, homeless and helpless people by taking care of their needs. Car donations are common fund raising events all over the world. A car donation program serves as a mediator between the donor and the charity organization. It enables the vehicle to be available for more than one charitable organization to view and avail of.

The process of donating a car under a car donation program is usually pretty simple. The donation can be made online by filling out a form or by calling a toll free number. A towing company picks up the vehicle at a particular date and time suitable to both parties. It is essential that the donated car have a clear title and relevant documents. Once the car is picked up and is in the possession of the institutions, a donation receipt is issued to the donor within ten working days.

Car donations benefit the donors, as they are tax deductible. In order to claim a tax deduction, a tax-deductible donation receipt has to be presented at tax time. The tax deduction is either based on the fair market value of the car or the amount for which the donated car is sold by the organization. Donation also helps car owners to avoid the difficulties associated with selling a used car. Intricacies such as looking for a buyer, advertising and having to entertain unknown buyers in a home are eliminated.

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Making A Used Car Donation

Making a used car donation can help many people. If someone died or moved and they don’t want their car anymore, donating it is a great way to give back to the community while disposing of the vehicle. Many used car donation services will pick up the used car for free and take it to the charity. Check your local telephone directory for such services and also search the internet. These services are not in many small towns yetm but most large cities can coordinate the deal for you.

It is important to check with the IRS before making a used car donation. There are a few forms that will need to be filled out. The web site can also give an estimate as to the car’s worth. The number will probably be different from its blue book value, so be sure to check the web site out before giving the car away. In some states, a tax break will only be given if the car is donated to a nationally recognized charity. A complete list is available on the web site. Filling out the forms incorrectly could result in not getting the tax break. Once the paperwork has been filled out, get a receipt from the charity the car was donated to. This is the proof that will be necessary when claiming a charitable donation on a tax return. The IRS web site will provide all the information to donate the car and get a tax break. Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the forms, procedures and tax breaks. Donating a car can be a real joy to both the former owner and the charity.

Giving to a charity is a great way to help people in the community who are down on their luck. Donating items such as cars can greatly contribute to their well-being because the more vehicles a charity has, the faster they can get to people who need help. There are many charities that offer car services to the store or to the doctor. Making a used car donation will not only yield a tax credit, it will make someone else’s life a little easier. Knowing that a person has made a difference is a good feeling. You should always help your fellow man. It will come back to you many times over! I myself have experienced it and can not say enough about the way it makes me feel when I help those in need.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Used Car Doantion - The Car Santa Way

Perhaps what today is known as Used Car Donation was started in 1969 by a man whose real name is Terry Franz, but widely known as Car Santa.

It all began that year on the Eve of Christmas when the Car Santa noted that there seemed to be networks of charity organisations helping people to get food, housing or employment but nobody provided charity for transportation. He thought that a lot of people could help themselves if they can get from one point to another.

So in 1969 in Kansas City Car Santa started giving away some big Christmas presents. The first year he gave six cars to some very deserving people on Christmas Eve. Since then he has given away hundreds of vehicles.

On Christmas Eve this year Car Santa will be giving away more than one hundred cars in various towns in the Midwest including fifty vehicles in Kansas Cikty alone.

To benefit from this Used Car Donation, there are some rules: You cannot be able to obtain a car any other way. You must submit a request to Car SAnta by mail or through his website

The Car Santa does not give away new cars. He gives people just basic transportation. They are all used vehicles - some with odometers as low as 40,000 and some as high as 250.000 miles. Some of them have rusts, dents and dings. All however, meet mechanical and safety inspection standards. The cars might not be the most beautiful in the world but they help to get people started

Terry Franz founded the Cars 4 Charistmas project in 1969 to help people that were just unable to obtain a vehicle and since then he has been providing these vehicles.

Reliable transportation positively affects an individual's and family's ability to endure and ultimatly pull through a life changing tragedy or hardship and move on to normalized circumstances. Todays's world demand that the average individual have personal transportation. Just as the average company cannot function properly without the use of computer technology, neither can the average individual function without the use of an automobile.

Franz takes a lots of help to deliver these big presents all in one night. His helpers are many and they are everywhere. It began as a little thing with a few people, but according to him hundreds have joined. They however have no government grants. They are totally peolple helping people and together they help make the programme work.

He works all year getting cars readworthy and with his helpers they read over 5000 requests, checking closely to find the most in need.

You too could donate a used car and help humanity to overcome his transportation problems. It is a gift that gives back

Abu Aremu

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Donate Your Car in Los Angeles

Many homes in America have garages full of items they will never use. Motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, and stereos just sit and gather dust. You can donate your used car to charity.

Donating a is one of the most unique and easy ways to help the community. It is a good alternative to donating money. So if you have one or more cars that have remained unused for a long time and which you have no use for, than better donate them to car Angel and get more benefits in exchange. Your contribution can bring smile and happiness in the lives of people.

Car Angel is a charity organization , which accepts your car as donation and make use of the proceeds to help single mothers, distribute educational materials, homeless, teen and adult rehab, food distribution and orphans.

They will make arrangements to conveniently and quickly pick-up your vehicle donation at no cost to you. They will handle the title transfer requirements and provide you with a tax deductible donation receipt at the time of pick-up, because car donation to an approved 501(C)3 charity organization is tax deductible under certain clauses

They provide funding for countless preschool and grade school aged children in the poorest countries of the world. They are funding projects in: Columbia, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Mexico, Nigeria, Kenya, Philippines, and India.

They also run a literacy program for inmates in the prisons. They send hundreds of thousands with motivational books to inmates and prison libraries in every state of the Union. They program has changes in the lives of many people.

So if you have one or more vehicle that have remained unused in your garage for a long time and which you have no use , then better donate them to your favorite foundation like Car Angel. Donate Your Car In Los Angeles. For Los Angeles Car Donations call Car Angel Now 1-800-227-2643. You can request Free DVDs for Kids. Kids will love The Adventures of Donkey Ollie.

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Used Car Donation - Gift That Gives Back

Tis better to give than to receive. Many millions of people, down through the centuries, have tried to live their lives according to that tenet. And the world has been made a far better place because of their efforts.
But suppose one could both give, and receive, all in the same transaction? How many people would find that idea appealing as well? If you’re one of them, there might just be a way which you can give life to the idea, and it’s as close as your driveway.
A used car donation to the charity of your choice will give that charity a vehicle which might help them in the course of their work; or it might give them funds to support their work if they choose to sell it. A food pantry, for instance, might use the car to pick up donations or to ferry those who need it help back and forth from their homes. A senior citizen center might use it to take people no longer able to drive to their doctors’ appointments or just out for an excursion. Your used car donation might bring more joy others than you can ever imagine.
But you used car donation will not only give to others; it will allow you to receive a financial benefit in return. If you itemize your deductions, and you tax bracket permits, you’ll be able to take a tax write-off on your used car donation. If the charity uses your used car donation in its work, you can deduct the fair market value of the car as determined by Kelly’s Blue Book.
If, however, the charity chooses to sell your used car donation, you can deduct the entire amount of the sales proceeds, unless it is smaller than the Blue Book value, and then you can deduct the Blue Book value.
But to make sure your used car donation will qualify you for a deduction, you must first determine if the charity is recognized as a non-profit organization according to Section 501 of the IRS Tax Code. The charity officials will be able to tell you, and if you can’t get a clear answer from them, look for an alternative.
If your car is valued between $500 and $5000, you’ll have to fill out IRS Form 8283, which you can download at, and for cars of higher value, there are further requirements. But you can sort through all of them at the IRS website.
Making a used car donation is a great way to relieve your self of the cost of maintaining, registering, and insuring a car which you no longer need, getting a tax break, and most importantly, helping those less fortunate!
You can also find more info on Used Car Donation and Car Donation. is a comprehensive resource to know about Car Donation.

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